Activities, Employment and Education

We provide assistance and support with activities which may include providing transport, if necessary, or assisting on public transport to travel to colleges or places of work. Staff support service-users at college or employment placement as per their needs identified in the care needs assessment. We also help with paperwork or banking and support the service user with visits to his or her GP. The support in these areas is vital as it leads to greater independence and increased confidence.

Social and Leisure Interests

Service users are offered a full programme of activities based on their interests and needs. Support is given to enable the service user to participate in any hobbies and leisure activities. These may include: swimming, cinema, art and crafts, horse riding, gardening, day trips out, computer skills and games, cooking and developing ‘life skills’. This also includes any cultural or spiritual needs that the service user may ask for or need support with and also any help required to maintain relationships with their family, friends and others within the community. Activity portfolios are developed for each service user, with their full involvement, these detail any activities that the service user likes to do and the support required for them to take place. Versita Care Ltd continually works with the individual to increase their interests and activities and enable them grow and develop new interests and enjoy fresh experiences.

Get in touch with us

For more information about Care Opportunities, or to discuss your individual service user’s needs or to receive a service user guide, please contact us T: 07727035191 or E: info@versita.co.uk or use the contact form.