COVID-19 Action Plan

The Versita Care COVID-19 Action Plan tracks the latest UK government COVID-19 guidelines.

Following the global outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, the UK government advice, and inline with Versita Care limited Business Continuity policy, the following are guidelines for staff (regularly reviewed) as the government continues to update the country.

Versita Care does not have any cases of COVID-19 at the moment and so far no staff is Self-Isolating.

The management of Versita Care is asking all staff to self-isolate should they think that they have any symptoms of COVID 19.

We have asked that once we have any client in our care and there are any concerns of COVID-19, the staff on duty will stay at work for a period of 10 days.

We have also asked staff to bring in extra clothing in case they have to stay at work longer than expected.

Versita care is taking clients’ temperature 4 times a day. In case of any abnormal temperatures the staff on duty will call NHS 111 in the first instance for advice and advise the manager on call immediately. We shall also call 999 as soon as the need arises.

Versita care management will inform CQC of any cases of COVID-19 within its establishment.

Versita care ensures that clients do not go out into crowded areas unless it is necessary. This is for their own safety and that of the staff.

We are also keeping the Social Contact gap within the home to ensure that everyone remains safe and well.

We have an easy read version of the government’s guidelines to enable clients to understand what is happening around them and how they can help keep themselves and anyone around them safe.

Each staff member is expected to wear a mask whilst on duty.

We also have hand sanitizers within the house to enable staff and clients to regularly sanitize their hands.

Should Versita Care have any cases of the COVID-19 we will ensure that a deep clean is carried out immediately after the 10 days quarantine period.

All visitors are required to take a Lateral Flow Test on arrival.

Versita Care has a “Re-Opening to Visitors During COVID-19 Policy and Procedure”.

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